OFDTE Workshop Series


The below topics are workshops that the Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence offers. Most of the workshops can be addressed in a 1.5 hour format. Other formats or times are noted. Some can be combined to create half or full day workshops. Contact Ms. Judy Cooke, Faculty Development Program Coordinator (judycooke@augusta.edu), for further information or to schedule a training session.

Teaching and Learning

  • Authentic Assessment of Student Achievement: Formative and summative assessment
  • Designing and/or Assessing Student Learning Outcomes (2 hours)
  • Developing a Teaching Philosophy
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Education (discussion format)
  • Evaluating Teaching and Learning – as you go
  • How Learning Works: Principals of learning applied to Effective Teaching
  • Integrated Course Design (1.5 hours to half day, depending on level of detail and interaction)
  • Preparing a Teaching/Educator Portfolio
  • Quality Online Education
  • Turn It In, D2L training
  • Curriculum Design Academy
  • INQR 1000 Training
  • Course Design Workshop

Research and Scholarship

  • Authorship Issues in Publication
  • Basics of Survey Research
  • Developing a Research Question
  • Interpreting Statistics: Beyond the p-value
  • Introduction to SPSS-I: Data Management, Descriptive Statistics
  • Introduction to SPSS-II: Simple Comparative and Associative Analyses
  • Linking Scholarship to Teaching and Teaching to Scholarship
  • Program Evaluation (2 hour Minimum)
  • Writer's Toolkit