Faculty Development Fellowship

Faculty Development Fellowship

This is a fellowship program for faculty to gain experience in faculty development programming that might advance his or her professional development. The Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence provides mentorship to the faculty fellows so he or she can enhance skills that would support faculty development in their own colleges.

The Faculty Development Fellows Program and application process is announced in the Fall. Applications are received in December and one faculty member from Summerville campus and one from Health Sciences campus is chosen to work with the Office of Faculty Development each academic year. Announcement of new faculty fellows are made at the Celebration of Faculty in May.

Faculty Development Fellows

Robert Bledsoe, Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, Department of English and Foreign Languages
Georgios Kallifatidis, Medical College of Georgia, Department of Medicine
Deltrye Holt, College of Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Mathematics

Charlotte Chatto, College of Allied Heath Sciences, Department of Physical Therapy
Molly Quinn, College of Education, Advanced Studies and Innovation