Curriculum Design Academy

The Augusta University Complete College Georgia plan includes an initiative aimed at restructuring instructional delivery. The Office of Faculty Development & Teaching Excellence is identified in that plan as a unit that would organize faculty development opportunities focused on the core curriculum, with special attention to courses or curricula with retention and progression challenges.

The Curriculum Design Academy organizers have prepared a program that will (1) incorporate a variety of pedagogies, (2) cover principles of course and curriculum design, and (3) apply to designing learning experiences in any discipline.

Selected units may send a team of three to five faculty members who teach in the core curriculum to attend an off-campus workshop. The teams will be encouraged to consider how use of the principles covered in the workshop might be applied to a specific retention/progression issue in core courses or in the unit’s curriculum.

Each participating department will be expected to submit a plan to implement a significant curriculum enhancement and faculty development program aimed at improving retention and progression by mid-December. Funds may be available to provide support for curriculum and/or faculty development initiatives.