Chair Professional Development


This program is designed to provide background and skills to new chairs and to create a sense of community among all Augusta University department chairs. Monthly meetings on specified topics provide opportunities for newly hired and appointed chairs to fully interact as part of the leadership and administration of the institution, and engages established chairs in maintaining a dialogue around the academic events and processes of the institution.

Steering Committee

The steering committee oversees the content, scheduling, and assessment of the chair professional development program. This group will meet no more than a few times per semester, developing the curriculum based on a review of the literature on chair development and success.

  • Deborah South Richardson, PhD, Director of Faculty Development
  • Adam TM Wyatt, PhD, Director of Academic Programs

2017-2018 Chair Professional Development Programs

   Date Facilitator Title of Presentation/Description
   September 11
Bonnie Troiano, MPA
Director, Business
Operations and Chief Financial Officer
Office of the Provost
Who's Running the Show
An orientation to the university's roles and responsibilities
matrix to aid in understanding the complexities and
inter-relationships of our tripartite mission.
   October 2
Bonnie Troiano,  MPA
Director, Business
Operations and Chief
Financial Officer
Office of the Provost
The Color of Money
Why the color of money matters and why you should care.
care.  Insights on how to make smart financial
decisions while avoiding common pitfalls.
   November 6
Michelle Mims
Faculty Support Services
HR Support


   January 8                 
Deborah Richardson, PhD                 
Rob Bledsoe, PhD
Associate Director
Faculty Development                         
Interpreting Course Evaluation Data (Scenarios)
We will review the OFDTE recommendations regarding
the process and interpretation of undergraduate
student evaluations of teaching.  Chairs will have
an opportunity to discuss the value and the limits of
limits of student evaluations of teaching as evidence
about teaching effectiveness for annual reviews
and promotion/tenure decisions.   
   February 5
TBD Evaluating Faculty: Annual Review to P&T
We will consider how annual evaluations can support
the development of meaningful goals that will position
faculty members for promotion/tenure, and we will
consider how to effectively provide both negative
and positive feedback.
   March 5
Deborah Richardson, PhD
Faculty Development
Chair Advisory Committee
Dealing with Challenging Faculty
Chairs will discuss real examples of challenges
presented by faculty members and work together
to develop solutions or approaches to dealing with
the conflicts.  A model of conflict management will
be offered to guide discussion.
   April 16
Chair Advisory Council Effective Faculty Committees/Teams
How can we avoid wasting time with unproductive
committee work?  What guidelines can we offer to
committee chairs and committee members to facilitate
the effectiveness and efficiency?
   May 7
Rob Bledsoe, PhD
Associate Director
Faculty Development
Technology Toolbox
Participants will be introduced to and help vet a
reference guide designed to assist new and continuing
chairs as well as other administrators navigate their
way through the wealth of technological applications
available to them.