More on Wayfinding & Signage

Wayfinding & Signage

Locations of Ceremonial Entrance Walls

  • Laney Walker Blvd. and R.A. Dent Blvd.
  • 15th Street and Harper Street
  • 15th Street and Laney Walker Blvd.
  • New Bailie Street and Osler Lane
  • Osler Lane and St. Sebastian Way
  • R.A. Dent Blvd. and Spellman Road
  • R.A. Dent Blvd. and St. Sebastian Way

Locations of Building Beacons

  • Annex 1
  • Critical Care Center
  • Dental College of Georgia
  • Children's Hospital of Georgia
  • Cancer Research Center
  • Health Sciences Building
  • Medical Office Building parking deck
  • Medical Office Building
  • Medical Center - Sydenstricker
  • Medical Center - Talmadge

Locations of Entrance Number Monuments

  • Harper Street
  • St. Sebastian Way
  • Laney Walker Blvd.
  • John Wesley Gilbert Drive
  • Spellman Road
  • 15th Street
  • Pope Ave.
  • Goss Lane
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