Augusta University Campus Key Request Form

Key requests are now being accepted from the PDF form below.

NOTE: No billable services are accepted on the Key Request form. If your request requires a fee, you must complete a Project Request Form.

  • The Key Request Form form should be completed, printed, then faxed to 706-721-2139 for Health Sciences buildings or 706-731-7970 for Summerville/Forest Hills buildings. The form must be signed by the Department Head and by the Building Coordinator.
  • Each request must have a unique identifier known as the request number. The request number will be the date, building code or name, department room location and sequential numbers if sending more than one request per day. (i.e. 04-03-13-BH-210-1)
  • Once the key request has been filled, the Key Holder will be notified via e-mail that the Health Sciences key is ready and can be picked up at Health Sciences Key Control, HT-1147 or Summerville/Forest Hills key is ready and can be picked up at Summerville Key Control at Public Safety Office, PSS.
  • The key will ONLY be available for pick-up for thirty (30) days after the date of the e-mail notification.
  • Keys to University buildings are the property of the University and are issued only to employees. Keys are obtained at the Key Control office and must be returned upon termination of employment or transferring to another department. Do not duplicate or transfer keys. Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the Public Safety department.
  • All fees due for lost or missing keys are required to be paid-in-full before any new or replacement keys will be issued. No fees will be charged for broken or bent key replacement.
  • To replace a broken or bent key on the Health Sciences campus, contact the Health Sciences Lock Shop at 706-721-3638 for the replacement key to be sent to the Key Control office for exchange or the Key Holder may go to the Lock Shop, BH-210, and have the key exchanged.  For the Summerville/Forest Hills campus, contact the Summerville Lock Shop at 706-667-4957 for replacement key to be sent to the Key Control office for exchange or the Key Holder may go to the Lock Shop in Warehouse 201, room GRNDS 108, and have the key exchanged.
  • Unwanted, obsolete keys, keys from transferring or terminating employees MUST be returned to Key Control. You will be given a receipt to end your responsibility for them.

The following form is an interactive PDF file. You can complete the required fields on the web and then print the form.

I have read the above information and wish to proceed to the form.

For questions e-mail: Jennifer Benning,