Visual Arts Event - 6th, 7th, & 8th

MINDFRAME Grand Challenge: What is the American Dream and who defines it? A union is useless if people are absent, and as a part of the American Republic, the MINDFRAME TEAM is counting on you to preserve, nurture, redefine, and explore the concept of the American Dream. To rediscover this notion, take as much risk as possible to design and create your innovative answer and present your solution during the competition. Remember real ingenuity is a product of risk.

Driving Question: How can we keep the American Dream alive?

Challenge Context: We have recently discovered a new island off the coast of Georgia! Our governor wants to begin the process of creating a new city there. So, he has tasked you with thinking about the history of Georgia, Georgia economics, Georgia government and Georgia citizenry and building on this information to propose an ideal place! Each of the tasks below will allow you to explore one aspect to design and create a new place to live in Georgia. This context applies across all divisions and is applicable to all challenges.

Challenge Description

Art can reform an entire society because it has a way of changing one’s perspective, and you have been trusted with this power to impact your entire school. 

Your team will develop a visual presentation depicting how your school can provide equal opportunities for all students so they can be prepared to realize their dreams. 

As a team, consider historical ordinances and movements that have shifted equal opportunities in the past.  Through research and collaboration, you will be able to produce new inspiration for what our society demands regarding equality in the classroom both for today and for the future.

Notes to the Coach

This creative and developmental experience teaches students to develop an inclusion mindset - thinking of all students and exploring their own perspectives. Students will develop research, collaboration, critical thinking and communication skills while engaging in the design process to answer this challenge.

Essential Question & Challenge Requirements

Essential Question: How can a school provide equal opportunities for all students?


  • Students choose any 2-D or 3-D medium to display their work (ie:  photography, painting, drawing, pen, ceramics, digital, etc).
  • Students will design and create a series of 3 different pieces that shows how the school or previous school provided access in the past, how it provides access now, and how it can provide access to education in the future.
  • Maximum amount of $100 may be spent.  No donations of supplies may be used.
  • Rubric

At the time of presentation, the team will submit:

  • A written artist’s statement that outlines standards utilized and key elements of the story/idea.
  • Project journal, documenting the design process (see “Resources” for suggested design model and journal suggestions) used for planning and implementation
  • Receipts of all purchases.