Spoken Word Event - 6th, 7th, & 8th

MINDFRAME Grand Challenge: What is the American Dream and who defines it? A union is useless if people are absent, and as a part of the American Republic, the MINDFRAME TEAM is counting on you to preserve, nurture, redefine, and explore the concept of the American Dream. To rediscover this notion, take as much risk as possible to design and create your innovative answer and present your solution during the competition. Remember real ingenuity is a product of risk.

Driving Question: How can we keep the American Dream alive?

Challenge Context: We have recently discovered a new island off the coast of Georgia! Our governor wants to begin the process of creating a new city there. So, he has tasked you with thinking about the history of Georgia, Georgia economics, Georgia government and Georgia citizenry and building on this information to propose an ideal place! Each of the tasks below will allow you to explore one aspect to design and create a new place to live in Georgia. This context applies across all divisions and is applicable to all challenges.

Challenge Description

Creativity manifests when we use limited resources to accomplish any task, and during Shakespeare’s time period, words became props to impact social reform. 

Your team will reflect on history and consider the present-day to design a spoken word piece that defines how a historical figure has redefined society (choosing anyone) from the inception of America.

 Your spoken word art will reflect how one human, when moving towards their dream, can continue to inspire future generations including you

Notes to the Coach

This research and performing opportunity allows students to investigate and discover someone who may not be as renowned but none-the-less important to our American identity. Students get to design and perform a mosaic commentary through research, collaboration, and trial and error.

Essential Question & Challenge Requirements

Essential Question: How can I make a difference?


  • Students will pick a person from the given time-period.
  • Students will present a spoken word on how this person affected society during their lifetime, how they affect society now, and how their influence will potentially affect society in the future.  The poetry will also describe how the team is influenced by this person and what they will specifically do to make their school a better place as a result of this influence.
  • Students will have a maximum of 8 minutes to perform the poem in a “poetry slam” style.
  • Students may design and create any original props
  • Maximum amount of $20 per person may be spent.  No donations.
  • Poetry slam background information.
  • Rubric

At the time of presentation, the team will submit:

  • A written artist’s statement that outlines standards utilized and key elements of the story/idea.
  • Project journal, documenting the design process (see Resources for suggested design model) used for planning and implementation
  • Receipts of all purchases.