Community Support

The Literacy Center's service to the community is a vital one--to help people become stronger members of the community by becoming more self-sufficient.

In the past few years, the Literacy Center has also sought to become self-sustaining in order to ensure its ability to continue to serve its mission. This has lead to improvements in all areas of its operation. A large part of this improvement is the result of increased and continuing community support.

In addition to monetary donations to the Augusta University Foundation/Literacy Program, the Center accepts in-kind donations, donations of new books and magazine subscriptions and donations of other usable materials and supplies. Please call the Center for further information: 706-737-1625.

Please call us if:

  • You know someone who cannot read well and is interested in a tutoring program.
  • You want to become involved personally in meeting the needs of weak readers by serving as a tutor volunteer.
  • You would just like to know more about the Literacy Center.
  • You would like a speaker to talk with your organization about improving literacy in the CSRA.
  • Your time is limited, but you would like to help in other ways. You know there is some way you can help. You or your group is interested in serving at the Literacy Center in any way needed.