STEAMIFY is a design-based problem solving competition that gives students in grades 4-8 the opportunity to apply the content they are learning every day in class through the design process into the contexts of either engineering or art.  By doing so, they can construct deep understandings of how this knowledge can be authentically used in their daily lives. Student participants can improve their 21st century habits of mind and hand that are needed in a world yet to be imagined!

STEAMIFY can also provide teachers the opportunity to implement a problem that can be aligned to a standards-based classroom.  Through the use of the problem, teachers can begin the practice of planning and implementing design-based STEAM approaches in their classroom and potentially include all students in the kind of dynamic, fun, deep and significant learning outcomes that can be possible!

The competition consists of two parts:  a long problem and a spontaneous problem.

The long problem is posted on this website under “events and guidelines” tab.  Students will prepare an answer to the problem and, if competing face-to-face, bring their solution to present live in front of a panel of judges on the day of the competition.  If competing virtually, student teams will present their solution synchronously and live in front of a panel of judges on the day of the competition.

The spontaneous problem will be an impromptu problem given to the team at the time of competition for them to work out on the spot, regardless of face-to-face or virtual participation.  More information about the types of spontaneous problems and recommendations for how to practice for this problem can be found under the “events and guidelines” tab.

In 2021-2022, our competition is inspired by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Livable Communities Initiative.  AARP Livable Communities is a national initiative that supports the efforts of neighborhoods, towns, cities and rural areas to be great places for people of all ages. Together with AARP, the STEAMIFY team believes that "communities should provide safe, walkable streets; age-friendly housing and transportation options; access to needed services; and opportunities for residents of all ages to participate in community life".  Links to AARP's resources are found under Resources.