Research and Educational Foundations


Research is a cornerstone for the foundation of our educational system. Our research courses teach students not only the basic concepts of educational research, but how to conduct research. We want our students to engage in research in their professional settings to advance programs, solve problems, and contribute to the foundation of knowledge. Students strengthen their research skills through an Introduction to Educational Research course and Conducting Educational Research course that will leave them prepared to implement a research study within their program of study.

Educational Foundations

Courses in Educational Foundations focus on "big picture" issues in education and provide the backdrop that every educator needs to know about what it means to be a teacher, to educate someone, and to work within the institution of schools in the United States. These courses cover the philosophical positions, sociological ideas, and historical occurrences that created American education today. These courses are important for everyone working in schools, and for everyone who votes, holds political office, or has or will one day have children. Course titles include:

  • Critical and Contemporary Issues in Education
  • Exploring Socio-Cultural Diversity in Educational Contexts
  • Theories of Teaching and Learning
  • Philosophy of Education

Research and Educational Foundations Faculty

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Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor
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