Ed.S. in Advanced Educational Studies


The Education Specialist in Advanced Educational Studies allows candidates to build upon existing knowledge and skills as a practitioner. Education Specialist degree completers possess advanced knowledge and skills to develop and design curriculum, implement instructional methods that are data-driven and responsive, and assess instructional practices that facilitate student learning. Also, candidates will gain the ability to use fundamental applied research methods informed by theory and inquiry to address everyday, practical educational problems.

Required Coursework 30 credit hours (Download Program Information)

A male teacher engages with several students during a classroom lesson.

The EdS in Advanced Educational Studies leads to a certificate upgrade in Georgia to Level 6. Candidates must complete concentration coursework assignments and assessments in their current area of certification (such as Elementary, Middle Grades, Secondary, Special Education, etc.).

This program is 100% online.


  1. GPA: Minimum 3.0 GPA at the Master’s level. Minimum 2.5 GPA at the Baccalaureate level.
  2. Minimum Degree Requirement: Minimum of a Master's degree from an accredited program and an accredited college or university. To be used to satisfy degree requirements, evaluation of foreign educational transcripts must show degree earned that is the U.S. equivalency of degree required by the program.
  3. Official Transcripts: Official transcripts are required from all universities and colleges ever attended. Only in the case of transcripts from international colleges/universities will an official course-by-course transcript evaluation be accepted in lieu of an official transcript. Official transcripts should be sent to Augusta University's Office of Academic Admissions. To remain official, all transcripts must remain in the original, unopened, sealed and stamped/signed envelope from the Registrar's office of the issuing institution. Alternatively, Augusta University will accept official electronic transcripts from the registrar's office at your prior institution. Electronic transcripts should be directed to graduateadmissions@augusta.edu.
  4. Teaching Certificate: A valid level 5 or higher Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate, leadership certificate, service field certificate, or Life certificate.
  5. Background Check: A clear or expunged criminal background record.
  6. Per the Augusta University Criminal Background Check Policy (Policy 4.1.7), final admission and enrollment for all graduate nursing and education programs are conditional on the completion of a criminal background check with results deemed acceptable to the applicable college/program’s professional standards.
    • Failure to complete the required background check, provide information necessary to conduct the background check, or provide false or misleading information, may disqualify applicants from final admission and matriculation into the program and University.
    • Instructions for completing criminal background checks will be provided to applicants upon acceptance into these programs. For further information on the policy including the policy statement, reason for the policy, authorization process, process/procedures, and review process, please refer to the Applicant Criminal Background Check Policy.
    • Liability Insurance
  7. Proof of Lawful Presence: In accordance with Board of Regents Policy 4.1.6, all applicants for admission to Augusta University are required to provide validation of lawful presence in the United States. Acceptance to the Augusta University is conditional until lawful presence is verified. ALL applicants who are U.S. Citizens must submit documentation that verifies his/her lawful presence in the United States at time of application to graduateadmissions@augusta.edu.

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Educational Specialist in Advanced Educational Studies Disclosure Statement

Augusta University offers several online degree, certificate, and endorsement programs. These programs are designed to meet the criteria for certification, endorsement, and advancement in the subject matter and grade level classifications established by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Each state board establishes their own criteria for teacher/leader certification, which, in addition to educational requirements, may include (but are not limited to) testing requirements, mandatory certifications, minimum years in service, background checks, applications and fees. For questions relating to state board requirements for certification in your state, please contact the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

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Application deadlines

In order for an individual to be considered the online application and all materials must be received on or before the deadlines below.

Fall: June 2nd

Application: November 2nd
Supporting Documents: November 20th

Summer: March 2nd


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