Augusta University Staff Council Committee

Photo of Committee

USG Staff Council

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Dr. David Bridges - President of ABAC
Kendria Lee - Past Chair of USG Staff Council
Brenda Richardson - Treasure USG Staff Council
Ashlyn Reese - Secretary USG Staff Council
Dr. Steve Wrigley- Chancellor of BOR
Ashley Ballard - USG Chair
Erica Madoni - Chair Elect USG Staff Council

Amy Judson

SOM - Pediatrics General Internal Medicine 
photo of Ashlyn Reese
Ashlyn Reese

SOM-Academic Affairs-EAC USG Staff
Council Secretary
photo of Becky Herzberg
Becky Herzberg

Student Health Services
EAC Communications
Bennie Brisco

The Graduate School -Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
photo of Corliss Norman-Williamson
Corliss Norman-Williamson

The Dental College of Georgia - Advanced Education - EAC Chair
photo of Dawn Ganntt
Dawn Ganntt

The Dental College of Georgia - EAC Vice-chair
photo of Debra Arnold
Debra Arnold

 Human Resources - EAC HR Liaison
photo of Jan Bane
Jan Bane

SecretaryCollege of Allied Health - Biomedical & Radiological Technology - EAC Treasurer 
photo of Karen  Herrington
Karen  Herrington

 Department of Athletics
LaBrea Bonam

 Student Affairs
photo of  Matarsha Kendrick
 Matarsha Kendrick

 The Dental College of Georgia
photo of  Megan Carter
 Megan Carter

  Georgia War Veterans Nursing Home - Asst. Director HIMS
Nikia Erickson

SOM - Dean's Office
photo of Pankhil Patel
Pankhil Patel

Information Technology Services
photo of Patricia Marcano
Patricia Marcano

University Libraries, Reese Library - Acquisitions Specialist
photo of Priscilla Campbell
Priscilla Campbell

Office of Finance and Administration
Regina White

Office of the Provost
photo of Scott Farris 
Scott Farris 

Information Technology Services
photo of Sharon Quick
Sharon Quick

Supply Management - Loss Control Program Coordinator
photo of Shelia May
Shelia May

Institute of Public & Preventive Health
Tammie Vickrey

College of Education
Tara Barrs

HCCU Branch Manager 2

photo of Wade Caldwell
Wade Caldwell

Office of Institutional Effectiveness 
photo of Walidah Walker
Walidah Walker

Interdisciplinary Research 
photo of Wennie Squires 
Wennie Squires 

Cyber Institute/School of Computer & Cyber Sciences 

26 members

Georgia Correctional Health Care Staff Council Committee

Debbie Thompson

Georgia State Prison
Janice General

Calhoun State Prison
Jennifer Mason

Dooly State Prison
Lakeria Hampton

Phillips State Prison
Marie Yawn

Telfair State Prison
Mark Reitman

Phillips State Prison
Patty Price

Washington State Prison
Tavonda Collins

Augusta University Campus, Chair
Tina Williams

Augusta State Medical Prison, Vice Chair
Vernon Speight

Baldwin State Prison

10 members

Medical Associates Staff Council Committee

photo of Donna Parker
Donna Parker

photo of Katrina Flynn
Katrina Flynn

Account Services
photo of Kelly Minus
Kelly Minus

Emergency Medicine
photo of Lauren Neville
Lauren Neville

Human Resources
photo of Michelle Migone
Michelle Migone

Departmental Services

6 members

Medical Center Staff Council Committee

Ana Quinlan

 Physical Therapy
 Ashlynn Ward

 Nurse Navigator
photo of Ashley Lesley
Ashley Lesley

 Human Resources
Barbara Kienzle

Peds Rheumatology 
Baretta Law

 Transport Services
photo of Brennan Francois
Brennan Francois

 Pastoral Care
photo of Cathey Klimek
Cathey Klimek

 Histocompatibility Immunology Test Supervisor
Dabney Eidson

 Peds Transport Respiratory Therapy
Darla Irwin

 Pharmacy (Secretary)
 Darrell Stone

 DeAnna McDaniel

 Cardiology Practice Site CMA
Diana Mintz

Senior Staff Nurse
Edison Couba

Neurodiagnostic Technology
 Emily Schreiber

Perioperative Services
photo of  Henry Holt III
 Henry Holt III

 Pastoral Care Coordinator
photo of Jana James
Jana James

 Human Resources
photo of  Erinn Rowe
 Erinn Rowe

 Pharmacy Manager
Karen Miller

 Perioperative Supply Coordinator
Katie Caputo Lawhead

 Child Life Specialist II
Kellie Collins

Peds Rehab Outpatient Therapy 
Kimberly McGahee 

 Quality Management Coordinator
photo of Krystal Bussey-Davis 
Krystal Bussey-Davis 

Perioperative Systems Analyst
photo of  Latrese Cratic
 Latrese Cratic

Family Medicine Clinic Practice Section Supervisor 
Loretta Humes

 Perioperative Services
Madeline Moyer

Shock Trauma ICU 
photo of Melissa Briggs
Melissa Briggs

 Peds Rehab Outpatient
Nhuan Nguyen 

photo of Paula Finley
Paula Finley

 Physical Therapy
Penny Mehaffey

 Lead Polysomnographic Technologist
Rachel Wahlert

 Histocompatibility Tech 1
photo of Rashonda Chinn
Rashonda Chinn

HIMS Clerk
Robert Workman (Co-Chair)

 Phisical Plant Specialist III
 Sandra Huntington

HR Records Supervisor 
 Sherri Trammell

 Senior Staff Nurse
 Stephanie Rose

Clinical Pathology/Blood Bank 
Susan Wise

 Sr. Occupational Therapist Assistant
 Tabitha Rogers

 Sr. Medical Echocardiograph
 Tammy Cupp

Senior Staff Nurse 
photo of  Teddy Lynce
 Teddy Lynce

 Radiation Therapist 
 Travis Covington


photo of  Travis Jenkins
 Travis Jenkins

photo of Vivian Rice
Vivian Rice

 Interpreters & Translation Services -Chair

46 members