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photo of Dr. Lindsey West
Dr. Lindsey West

Interim Chief Diversity Officer



The Augusta University Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) reports to Academic Planning and Strategic Initiatives and is the hub for planning and implementing organizational systems and practices to ensure that our enterprise accomplishes its goal of creating a diverse and inclusive environment. Working hand-in-hand with Human Resources, the Office of Employment Equity, academic units, the Department of Patient Engagement, senior leadership, and several others, Diversity and Inclusion will build, align and coordinate diversity efforts as a strategic approach that contributes to organizational goals and business performance.


A fundamental prerequisite for excellence in our current environment requires students, staff, faculty and administrators who can successfully navigate the multitude of cross-cultural interactions brought about by modern globalization and demographic shifts. In order to become a destination of choice in today's fast evolving society, we must develop and attract talent from a broad array of sources who have an extensive assortment of experiences to contribute to the organization. Simultaneously, we must strive to continuously improve our level of cultural competency, create a climate of inclusion, and make best use of our diverse talent since it represents the catalyst for new ideas and connects us more holistically to the populations that we serve.

 Managing organizational diversity has been described as the new strategic growth enabler.1


Disclaimer: The following definitions describe the operational constructs used to provide context to the pages in this website.  These definitions are not intended and should not be interpreted to replace any legal or compliance-oriented verbiage.

Diversity:  the variation of social, biological and cultural identities, or the sum total of experiences among people existing together in a defined setting.

Inclusion: creating policies, practices and a welcoming environment that demonstrate respect and enables each individual to perform to his or her highest potential.

Respect: taking the time to realize that everyone sees and experiences the world in a unique way. Once you realize these differences you can make efforts to respect people in the way they feel respected.2


Healthy Perspectives

Healthy Perspectives was developed as a Quality Enhancement Plan to fulfill the accreditation requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).