Healthy Perspectives FAQs

What is Healthy Perspectives?
Healthy Perspectives (HP) is cultural competency training, primarily for students, but also for faculty, staff and residents at Augusta University. To build a platform for dialogue everyone completes an online module that identifies respect, engagement, understanding and communication as important elements of cultural competency in healthcare practice. The primary focus of HP, however, is on student learning.

What do students have to do?
Students complete an online program – Healthy Perspectives  designed to improve self-efficacy when working in cross-cultural situations and build communication skills when interacting with culturally diverse patients and colleagues. HP contains six modules to develop culturally competent attitudes, knowledge and skills among healthcare students. Each module involves a self-directed, interactive learning segment, an e-log for personal reflection and a discussion board to address cultural issues in healthcare from an inter-professional perspective.

How long will each module take to complete?
The modules should take about 30 minutes, and students have one week to complete each one.

Why is there an e-log and discussion board?
The discussion board is a site for self-reflection and critical thinking. The discussion board is multi-discipline to engage students in thinking about cultural issues from multiple perspectives and gaining a more holistic view on cross-cultural patient care and health issues generally.

Is Healthy Perspectives a requirement?
Yes. All students entering their first patient-centered degree program engage in HP as a graduation or program requirement. HP is a part of the following:

Physician Assistants, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Clinical Lab Science, Dental Hygiene, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Dental College of Georgia, Medical College of Georgia, BSN Program, and CNL Program

What if I have questions or want to know more about the program?
Contact Dr. Lindsey West at