A Collaborative Committee

The Council of Equity Leaders (CEL) is a university-wide committee, sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and the Provost, that meets quarterly. The CEL serves as a key collaborative partner with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) and includes approximately 20 members from across university colleges/schools/departments/units. These members were recommended by ODI or unit leads and appointed by the Provost.

CEL Directory

photo of Liana Babayan

Liana Babayan

  • Associate Professor, CAHSS
photo of Julie Kneuker

Julie Kneuker

  • Title IX Coordinator
photo of Janelle Mangrum

Janelle Mangrum

  • Staff Council Rep
photo of Sam Sherrill

Sam Sherrill

  • Police Captain
photo of Elena Petrova

Elena Petrova

  • Director, Student Counseling & Psychological Services
photo of Shareen Clement

Shareen Clement

  • Interim Director, Multicultural Student Engagement
photo of Wendy Habegger

Wendy Habegger

  • Lecturer, College of Business
photo of Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy

Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy

  • Associate Dean of Learner Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, MCG
photo of Darla Linville

Darla Linville

  • Associate Professor, College of Education
photo of Lorraine Evans

Lorraine Evans

  • Executive Director, Center for Academic Success
photo of Anthony Hightower

Anthony Hightower

  • Senior Legal Advisor
photo of Josette Kubicki

Josette Kubicki

  • Librarian Instructor
photo of Lester Pretlow

Lester Pretlow

  • Dean, CAHS
photo of Aspasia Luster

Aspasia Luster

  • Senior Library Assistant
photo of Ashley White

Ashley White

  • Sr. Communications & Media Coordinator

Walidah Walker

  • Mgr, Interdisciplinary Research
photo of Stephanie Perry

Stephanie Perry

  • Director Admissions - DCG
photo of Kerri Wilson

Kerri Wilson

  • AVP, Financial Plan & Analysis
photo of Hannah Bennett

Hannah Bennett

  • Program Manager
  • Assistant Professor,
  • COE-Kinesiology
photo of E. Nicole Meyer

E. Nicole Meyer

  • Professor,
  • CAHSS-English & World Language
photo of Dereck Thornton

Dereck Thornton

  • EVS Director


photo of Kelli Gonzalez-Brooks

Kelli Gonzalez-Brooks

  • Organizational Development Specialist,
  • HR-Learning, Leadership, Development
photo of Celeste Stewart

Celeste Stewart

  • Interim Head Women's Basketball
  • Coach