Between 8 am and 5 pm (Monday through Friday)
  • If you are currently assigned to a student or resident dentist, call your assigned clinician. If you cannot reach your clinician, call the DCG at (706) 721-2371 and press 1.
  • If you are currently treated by a faculty dentist, call (706) 721-2696.
  • If you are not currently assigned to a DCG clinician, call (706) 721-2371 and press 1. However, please be advised that only patients who are currently assigned to a DCG clinician will be seen when there are no students in clinic (exam weeks and student breaks).
  • Please advise staff if the patient is non-English speaking or hearing impaired. Interpreter services may require advance scheduling.

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Evenings, Weekends, Holidays
  • If you are currently assigned to a student, resident dentist, or faculty dentist, call your assigned clinician. If you cannot reach your clinician, call Augusta University Emergency Services at (706) 721-3893 and tell the operator you are an active patient of The Dental College and have a dental emergency.
  • If you are local and are not currently assigned to a clinician at the DCG, call Augusta University Emergency Services at (706) 721-3893 and tell the operator you have a dental emergency. Fees will be associated with any emergency services provided.

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Join Us

Call (706) 721-2696. Augusta University Dental Associates (Faculty Practice) offers on-time appointments with more than 60 faculty dentists representing every dental specialty and the widest range of adult and pediatric dental services in the state. We use the latest pain-control techniques, including sedation dentistry, and the latest imaging technology. You get quick and easy referrals to other dental specialists, sometimes on the same day. To learn more, click here.

We would like to accept you for treatment if your needs can be resolved in a student teaching program and if your schedule will allow you to be here for extended appointments. Our goal will be to provide you with high quality treatment at a reduced fee. The dental treatment is provided by students and residents under the close supervision of our experienced teaching staff at The Dental College of Georgia. To learn more and to download a screening application, click here.

Call (706) 721-2938.  Specific clinical duties of Dental Hygienists include:

  • Take and record dental and medical histories
  • Perform oral examinations
  • Assess dental hygiene treatment needs
  • Scale and polish teeth
  • Apply topical fluoride
  • Prepare diagnostic casts
  • Perform root debridement
  • Expose and process dental X-rays
  • Place temporary restorations
  • Apply sealants
  • Provide patient education

The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University is a state-assisted institution with the primary goal of educating dental health care providers for the citizens of Georgia. We select 90 DMD students, with up to 10 percent students from out of state. Those selected are evaluated on intellectual capacity to fulfill the curricular requirement, ability to communicate with patients, classmates, faculty, staff and other members of the health community and ability to perform technical skills. Grade point average, dental admission test, dental exposure, letters of recommendations, and interviews are other factors for consideration. For more information, click here.

Prospective applicants should review the application deadlines for each program.  Positions in the advanced education programs are limited and selection is competitive. *We only accept candidates who are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents.* For more information, click here.

The Dental College of Georgia offers faculty and staff positions in Administrative Support, Postdoctoral, Clinical/Allied Health, Professional/ Management, Research, and Services.  To view available positions, go to the Augusta University Jobs site (click here), look for current opportunities, type CDM under Keywords, and press Search.

Find Us

The Dental College of Georgia
1430 John Wesley Gilbert Dr.
Augusta, GA 30912

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Contact Us

AU Dental Associates (Faculty Practice) (706) 721-2696
Dental Student Clinics (706) 721-2371
select option 2
Dental Hygiene Clinic

(706) 721-2938

Endodontics (706) 721-2151
Oral Biology (706) 721-2991
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (706) 721-9744

Oral Health & Diagnostic Sciences 

-Oral Medicine Clinic (706) 721-2607
-Pathology Lab (706) 721-2721
-Radiology Clinic (706) 721-2264

Oral Rehabilitation

-Prosthodontics (706) 721-2261
-Advanced Education in General Dentistry & General Practice Residency (706) 721-4025
-Center for Esthetic & Implant Dentistry (706) 721-2905
Orthodontics (706) 721-2421
Pediatric Dentistry (706) 721-2716
Periodontics (706) 721-2441

Pay online at augustahealth.org/dentalpay.
Make a payment by phone - (706) 721-9447
Request patient records - (706) 721-9447
Questions regarding insurance reimbursements/filing - (706) 721-2355
Questions regarding payment agreements/account balances - (706) 721-6832

To obtain a copy or request that your health information (dental records) be sent to you, another health care facility/provider, insurance companies, attorneys, or another individual, etc., you must first submit a completed, signed and dated Patient Release of Dental Records Consent Form to us. To get more information and to download the form,  click here.

Concerns related to treatment and services provided by a Student provider in the Student Program, contact Leonard Simmons at 706-721-2115 or lesimmons@augusta.edu.
Concerns related to Faculty or Resident treatment and services, contact Orris Knight Sims at 706-721-7758 or oknightsims@augusta.edu.
Questions regarding appointments or a need to speak with your provider, call the clinic where you receive treatment. See Contact a Department/Clinic above.

Questions related to payments or insurance, see Pay or Ask About a Bill above. 

Alumni/Friends - dcrail@augusta.edu

Web Content & Design - suhamilton@augusta.edu

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