2017 AxiUm Training for New Residents

Wednesay, July 5, GC5200 2 pm
Setting up Citrix/axiUm/Mipacs Access

Ralph Sapp, 1-5122
Amy Triana,1-9998

Thursday, July 7, GC4297, 8- 10 am
AxiUm Training for All 1st Year Residents

Kevin Plummer, 1-8280

Before Citrix Session:
  • Fully charge your personal laptop to bring to class. 
    Only one personal computer per resident can be set up for remote access.  All residents will have a desktop computer set up with Citrix access in their office.
  • Fully update your operating system.
  • Install anti-virus software (e.g., Avast Free) and scan for problems.
  • Install Firefox or Safari which is less problematic than Internet Explorer or Chrome for Citrix access.
AxiUm Session:

This is a review-only class, targeted toward axiUm entries that are missing or entered incorrectly.  Problem areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Missing, old, unapproved, or unsigned Med Histories
  • Unapproved radiographs
  • Repetitive planned tx that needs to be deleted
  • Office visits with no tx code (each visit must have a code, e.g., D9430 )
  • Missing Required Consent (red ball with black line)(delete tx and re-enter via Tx Plan tab)

Those of you that are unfamiliar with axiUm will have longer training at a different session where we can cover any of the processes listed below. 

General AxiUm Training
Opening Patients' Records
Via the Scheduler 
Via the Rolodex 
Via the Personal Planner
Accessing Records
11/09 Forms
Charting Findings
6/12  Charting Findings
Writing Notes
4/10 Tx Documentation
Changing Tx Dates
4/07  Tx Processing
Completing Tx
5/09 Tx Processing
Writing a Prescription
7/09 Tx Processing
Getting Consents
7/09 Forms
Making Referrals
7/13 Referrals
Adding PSR Scores
11/09 Charting Findings
Perio Charting
6/10 Charting Findings
Tx Plan Training
Creating a Tx Plan
1/14 Tx Planning
Chart Add Tx
1/14 Tx Planning
Print a Tx Estimate
1/14 Tx Planning
Get a Tx Consent
1/14 Tx Planning
Ordering a Lab
5/10 Tx Processing