Wireless Network, Passwords, Citrix Access

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Changing Your Password

Change Your NetID Password

  • Your NetID is your password for Outlook, Desire2Learn, Citrix, and axiUm
  • To change your password, go to password.augusta.edu
  • Must be changed every six months. If it expires, call IT at 706-721-4000 to reset. 
  • Passwords that work in Outlook don't necessarily work in axiUm so choose a password that is between 9 and 12 characters long and has at least one number and at least one capital letter.  It may include any of the special characters above the numbers 1 - 8 (!@#$%^&*) but they sometimes delay or complicate login.
  • Check password security.
Using Citrix

 Move Data Via Citrix

Path from Citrix to Desktop


Set up Citrix Access

 Type of Access

Our electronic medical record system axiUm resides on a campus server where you will access it through Citrix.  Citrix provides access to a number of different applications and databases campus-wide but CDM support is limited to axiUm.

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1. Clinical Access
2. Office Access
office image
Most CDM clinical computers are Wyse terminals (thin clients: monitor, mouse, keyboard and dumb terminal), that provide access to axiUm and little else. Exceptions are Endodontics, Orthodontics and image capture devices. All CDM staff and provider office computers will use the Citrix portal.
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3. Remote Access
Remote access is available for dental school providers only (faculty, residents, students). Citrix can be downloaded to a SINGLE personal laptop for remote access (NO iPHONE OR iPAD due to limited functionality, particularly with Mipacs). Citrix access to axiUm and Mipacs will allow you to read and write to axiUm, but not to print.