The Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee (DISC) promotes conversations to learn about diversity, inclusion and equity issues in order to promote a humanistic environment so everyone at DCG feel included, recognized and valued. Learn more.

Our Purpose:

  • To oversee & coordinate all DCG activities that promote and enhance a humanistic & equitable culture through Diversity, Inclusion, & Respect.
  • To Monitor D&I trends in higher/professional ed., to recommend policies & programs to enhance D&I; to establish & promote programs on D&I.
  • To provide a voice for all members of the DCG community to share their concerns about discrimination, respect and insensitivity.
  • With a diverse roster of students, faculty, staff, residents and alumni on the main committee or by extension through our focus groups.
  • The DISC is advisory to the Dean & accountable to the whole DCG Community

Contact Us

Stephanie Perry DCG Director of Diversity

Health Sciences Campus

Dental College of Georgia Building



DISC Members

DISC Members represent all areas of the DCG Community, including Faculty, Administrators, Professional Staff, and Students.

Committee Co-Chairs

  • Dr. Kevin Frazier, DMD, EdS, DCG Vice Dean
  • Ms. Stephanie Perry, MEd, Director of Student Admissions & Diversity

Committee Members

  • Ms. Allison Brown, MEd, DCG Education Development Coordinator
  • Mr. Darrell Gentry, MBA, DCG Associate Dean for Business and Finance
  • Dr. Greg Griffin, The DCG Assistant Dean for Student Affairs 
  • Ms. Stacey Hudson,  DCG Communications Coordinator
  • Ms. Ketarya Hunt Bass, MPH, Director of Community Outreach Programs
  • Dr. Robert Kaltenbach, PhD, MA, Associate Professor, Restorative Sciences
  • Dr. Maurice Lewis, DDS, Associate Professor, Restorative Sciences
  • Ms. Regina Messer, PHD, MSBE, DCG Associate Dean for Student Admissions
  • Ms. Corliss Norman-Williamson, DCG Residency Program Coordinator
  • Ms. Veerinder Pannu, BDS, Assistant Professor, Restorative Sciences
  • Ms. Robin Reyes, MBA, DCG Director of Business Operations
  • Dr. Joseph Vitolo, DMD, DCG Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Advanced Ed
  • Ms. Desiree Washington, DCG Faculty Support Liaison