The Dental College of Georgia
Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

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The Dental College of Georgia (DCG) at Augusta University (AU) believes a diverse faculty, staff, and student body enhances educational opportunities for all students, treatment opportunities for all patients, and professional and career development for all employees. An inclusive academic and clinical environment is beneficial to the dental profession, the DCG, and the State of Georgia. Augusta University and the DCG are equal opportunity educational institutions that prohibit discrimination on the basis of age, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or status as a Vietnam era veteran.

As valued members of The Dental College of Georgia it is important that each of us model core values and uphold AU commitments along with the expectations set forth by the University System of Georgia.

As part of our commitment, we will continuously strengthen a culture of trust and respect fostering a community that creates fairness and opportunity. Through collaboration, communication, and commitment we will establish a positive learning environment to ensure that everyone feels included. This community is free from gender bias, gender discrimination, sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Each one of us is obligated through our words and actions to model a judgment-free educational community, to become an active bystander, and to report any, and all, allegations of discrimination or harassment to the appropriate personnel in a timely manner.

The DCG, as personified by the Administration, has zero tolerance for discrimination against or disrespect of any student, faculty, staff member or patient. We expect and demand 100% compliance on the stance of universal acceptance, an all-encompassing value rooted in the mutual respect and total inclusivity for any person who enters this building for education, service or patient care. Through self-governance, in alignment with our institutional values, we will model integrity in being accountable for our own actions and collegiality in acting responsible on behalf of others when confronted with anyone who is not conducting themselves in a manner consistent with these values.  We, the faculty, staff and students at the DCG will model inclusivity in our own day-to-day activities, re-defining and exemplifying leadership for the community and alongside those, we interact with professionally and personally. 

If you believe these values are being dishonored or that your rights are being personally or professional violated, the DCG Administration encourages you to reach out to Ms. Stephanie Perry, the DCG Director of Diversity and the DCG Title IX Liaison (706-721-3587 or 

Vin Diagran: Diversity & Inclusion

The American Student Dental Association defines diversity as: differences and variations among and between individual characteristics, demographics and professional choices, including, but not limited to, race, religion, ethnic background, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identification and gender expression. ASDA recognizes the unique challenges faced by these diverse populations of students. (Excerpt from E-4 Sensitivity to Diversity Policy) 

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Dental College of Georgia Values

We adopt and support the Augusta University values of:


  • Collegiality– reflected in collaboration, partnership, sense of community, and teamwork.
  • Compassion– reflected in caring, empathy, and social responsibility.
  • Excellence– reflected in distinction, effectiveness, efficiency, enthusiasm, passion, and quality.
  • Inclusivity– reflected in diversity, equality, fairness, impartiality, and respect.
  • Integrity– reflected in accountability, ethical behavior, honesty, and reliability.
  • Leadership– reflected in courage, honor, professionalism, transparency, and vision.


Additionally, we embrace the value of:

Service – reflected in volunteerism, altruism, benevolence, advocacy, and selflessness.

Furthermore; we join the Medical College of Georgia in support of the value of:

Loyalty – reflected in mutual commitment among students, employees, alumni and the institution.


These are the values of our University and our College. As you read through them, please internalize each one and incorporate these values into your life, whether you are a faculty member, a staff member or a student.


On behalf of the Administration of The Dental College of Georgia, we thank you in advance for your commitment to diversity and inclusion.

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Stephanie Perry

DCG Director of Diversity, DCG Title IX Liaison, DCG Director of Admissions