Training Opportunities

Our DCM staff is always available to do a presentation to your staff or department. If you need help with branding, logos, media training, or marketing, we are here to help.   

Below is a list of popular sessions our department offers:  

  • Administrative Toolkit: Covers the basics for administrative personnel including various aspects of the Augusta University brand and how it applies to the very important roles as an administrative assistant. Topics will also include letterhead options and navigating the PAWS template link that includes templates for agendas, inter-office communications, travel itineraries, etc.
  • Media Training: The media team covers what employees need to know when dealing with the media, including crisis management.  
  • PAWS: Introduction to the employee intranet, PAWS.
  • Introduction to Branding: General introduction to the new Augusta University brand.
  • Web Publisher's Forum: Live streaming of an online forum with best practices for web publishers.

Contact us to discuss your department's training needs or to schedule a workshop. Email