Create Surveys & Forms

Gain feedback from your audience by using Wufoo!

Need to gather information from prospective students, current students, faculty and staff, or any external audience?

Augusta University uses Wufoo, a web-based form builder, to collect form and survey information on the university website. You can easily create forms, embed them on your site’s pages, and review responses. Official Augusta University departments, divisions, and research sites are eligible to use the service. Building forms with Wufoo is very fast and easy.

How to Get Started

  1. Make sure data you wish to collect meets legal and policy guidelines.
  2. If so, request access to Wufoo.

The image below shows an example of how your form might look, integrated into an existing web page: 

Example of a Wufoo form

Helpful tips to keep in mind when creating a Wufoo form:

  • Wufoo forms are not secure so you may not collect restricted information (SSNs, credit card data, passwords, or other sensitive or confidential information) or any information protected by HIPAA (protected health information) or FERPA (grades, academic evaluations, student records). Learn More
  • What information does your form need to collect?
  • Which fields are required information for the form to be submitted?
  • Which email address(es) would you like the entries to be sent to?
  • In addition to received responses via email, do you need access to a report compiling some or all of your collected data?


Request Access