Web Content Standards

The university website, augusta.edu, is its largest and most visible publication.

As such, content published to the site must meet the following basic quality standards.

Current – Page content and resources must be current. This is particularly important when including lists of events, opportunities, faculty, etc. Publish dates on pages must not exceed six months from the current date.

Audience-oriented – Every page and section within the website should be composed with key audiences in mind. Wording, images, and other resources should be appropriate for the target audiences.

Goal Oriented – Content must support documented unit objectives. If it is no longer relevant to these objectives, it should be archived offline or deleted.

Accurate – Page content and resources (links, pdf's, embedded videos, etc.) must provide correct information. 

Complete – Pages and resources should be completed before publishing. Partial pages and "under construction" references are not acceptable.

Aligned – Content must support and reflect our mission, vision, and values.

Legal – Content must adhere to federal and state laws and regulations. Note that this clearly applies to trademarks and copyrights.

Policy compliant – Content must comply with university and University System of Georgia policies.

Brand compliant – Content must comply with Augusta University Brand Guidelines as determined by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Note that these are intended to serve as MINIMAL standards, and goals are expected to define higher expectations for some of the items here, as well as to define additional standards.

Content that fails to meet these standards is subject to immediate removal.