Reverting Pages

Every time a page is published, OU Campus catalogues the version of the page.  Users may access the list of all previous versions.

To restore (revert) a page to a previous version, check the page out and then click the "Versions" button.


This displays the list of revisions. The list of previous versions includes:

  • Revision number
  • Date and time
  • Preview: To review the version before reverting
  • Author: User who published the version
  • Message: Version description that was added at the publish of the particular version

After you have previewed and found the file you want to use,  go back to the revision list and click the number next to the page you want to restore. 


 This will load the old page back into OU Campus. You can now make edits and then publish the page to make it live. 

Reverting a Page: Video