Editing Page Properties

Once you have a page checked out, click the Props button at the top of the screen.

Properties Page

This will take you to a page were you can change the Page Title, Breadcrumb, Heading, add or remove the header image field, and turn the right column on our off.

Properties Page

Here is brief rundown of the fields you are most concerned about.

Title: Appears in the blue bar of your browser and in search results

Description: A brief summary of your page that appears in search engine. Usually the first paragraph of the page is enough. You can leave it blank and add something later if you like.

Page Heading: Appears at the top of your page in large type

Breadcrumb: One or two words for the trail of links that appears above the page

Feature Settings: Check if you want to display the "Featured Content" and the "Promo Image" sections on the page

Page Settings: Check if you want to display the "Subheadline", "Sidebar" and/or "Related Links sections on the page

Click the save button at the bottom to continue