Navigating OU Campus

Using the WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Editor contains the basic editing functions similar to those found in Microsoft Word. See this Omniupdate documentation for an in-depth guide to the toolbar functions.

OU Campus LabelsWYSIWYG Editor

  1. Current Directory - This is the folder you are currently working in.Split Screen Button
  2. Split Screen Explorer - This allows you to navigate easily between the pages within a folder.
    1. The Split Screen Button opens the Split Screen Explorer.
  3. Current File - This is the page you are currently editing.  If you need assistance from the Web Team, please tell the Web Team the Current File that you need assistance with.
  4. File Actions Panel - This provides options available to you in relation to the Current File you are working on.
    1. Preview: This allows you to preview any edits made on the page before publishing.
    2. Edit: This allows you to edit the sections on the page.
    3. Properties: This option becomes available once the page is checked out.
    4. Versions: This allows you to revert your page to a previous publish.
    5. Check In/Out: This lightbulb allows you to check out the page so that no one else can edit the page.  The yellow lightbulb means the page is checked out, and the grey lightbulb means the page is checked in.  Remember to "turn the lights off" when you're done!
    6. Publish: This allows you to publish the page onto the live website.
  5. Preview Pane - This allows you to view the page with any edits you have made before publishing the page to be live.