Inserting & Editing Links

Inserting a Link

To insert a link, begin by opening up the page in OU Campus, and selecting the "Edit" option on the appropriate section.  Select and highlight the text that needs to be linked.

Adding LinksClick the "Insert/Edit Link" button on the toolbar, and a pop-up dialog box will open.


Add Links

  1. File Search Button - This button allows you to search for documents and webpages within OU Campus.
  2. URL Field - This indicates where the finished link will take the user.  
  3. Text to Display - This is the  text of the link. You can change the text that you highlighted here.
  4. Target - This should always be left set at "None".

To learn how to change the style or
class of a link, visit the
Text Format & Style page.

Linking to an Augusta University Page

When linking to another page on the Augusta University's website, click the "File Search Button" to the right of the "URL Field," and another pop-up box will appear.

Add Links 

This box displays a list of folders and files, which can be used to navigate through the website.

  1. Preview Pane - This allows you to preview any page that you've selected, to ensure that you are linking to the appropriate page.
  2. Page Information - This provides basic information about the page selected.
  3. Folder Navigation - This allows you to navigate to any page on the website.  You can navigate to folders and pages that you normally do not have access to, in order to create direct links.
  4. Select a Page - This allows you to select the page you want to link to.

Once you have selected the desired page, click "Insert" to finish.

Add LinksLeave "None" selected as the Target.

By inserting a link via this method, OU Campus creates a series of letters and numbers tracking this particular link. This makes it possible for pages, links, and/or directories maintained within OU Campus to be updated automatically when that page or directory is moved or renamed.  

While possibly more work on the front end, using this method prevents most broken links from occurring, meaning less stress and confusion in the future when trying to fix and correct broken links.

Select "OK" when finished.

Add LinksOnce the link is added, remember to save the page before publishing.



There are two ways to create a link. To create a link to an external site, type in (or copy and paste) the site's address (URL) into the "URL Field."

external link insert example

Leave "None" selected as the Target.

Select "OK" when finished.