Inserting Assets

What is an Asset?

Reusable content is convenient when working with multiple pages that require the exact same information.  Assets allow users to create and manage reusable content in one location, and then place that content on an unlimited number of pages. This allows content to be created and edited in one place, and populated automatically on all subscribing pages.

Assets make it easy and convenient to update common content that appear across multiple pages. 

In order to insert an Asset into a page or editable region, it must first be created within OU Campus.  

Inserting an Asset

 To insert an asset, click on the "Insert/Edit Asset" button on the toolbar.

Insert Asset

 When the pop-up box appears, select the desired asset from the list, and click "Insert."  Assets are listed alphabetically, and can be filtered using the "Filter by name" option.

Select an asset

NOTE: Many assets listed do not currently work in OU Campus.  If there is an asset that you need, or an asset that is currently being used on your pages that does not work, submit a Web Request Form for assistance.Asset

Once inserted onto a page, the asset cannot be edited or viewed in "Edit Mode".  


AssetOnce the page is saved and/or published, the asset will appear.

Deleting an Asset

Removing or deleting an asset is very straightforward. The asset's contents may not show up on the page itself, but you can still remove the asset by single-clicking on it, and pressing the "delete" key.