Editing Images

Editing Images

OU Campus offers a basic image editing tool so images can be resized, cropped, and rotated directly within the CMS. This helps ensure that large images are properly resized before being published to the production server.

NOTE: JPEG image files will lose quality by using the OU Campus Image Editor. When uploading images, please use PNG Files.  You are not able to change a JPEG image file to a PNG image File using the OU Campus Image Editor.

OU Campus Editor 

When selecting an image to insert onto the page, select "Edit Image" on the image preview window. For instructions on how to reach this page, please review Inserting Images

Edit Image

The Image Editor is an extremely basic image editor that allows you to resize and/or crop your image.  

Edit Image

If you are resizing a large image, click the resize button and enter the width and height you would like for the image to become. If you enter only the width, the height will be automatically calculated to maintain proportion of the image as long as "Constrain Properties" is checked. 

Click “Save As” to add the edited image to your website. Give the image a new name so that the original file can be retained. 


Recommended Image Editor

It may be easier to upload the image into OU Campus already ready to be posted instead of using the OU Campus Image Editor. If you have no image editing software (such as Adobe Photoshop), you can use Pixlr, a free, online image editor that will allow you to resize and edit image.

Pixlr will also allow you to change JPEG files into PNG files.