Create a New Page

New ContentNew Interior Page

A new page can be created from the Pages list view by clicking the "New" button.

Select "New Interior Page".

The "New Interior Page" box will appear, and users can fill out all necessary parameters to create a basic page, usually without adding content at this stage.  Page content is added later by the user with the WYSIWYG Editor.

Create New Page

Completing Page Metadata

  • Page Title
    The Page Title appears in the blue bar of your browser and in search results.
  • Description
    The Description is a brief summary of the page, and is what shows up in search results.  This should be no longer than 2-3 sentences; do not copy and paste the entire page into the Description.
  • Add Navigation Item
    The default setting for this option is "Yes", which automatically adds a link to the new page at the bottom of the sidebar menu ( file).  If you change this option to "No", remember to create a navigation link to the new page at a later time to the file.
  • Filename
    The Filename is the name that appears in the page's URL.  This should be similar to the Page Title, and use only lowercase letters, numbers, or dashes(-).  Do not add any spaces between words.
  • Overwrite Existing
    If the Filename is already being used for another page in the folder, you will not be able to create a new page unless you select "Overwrite Existing".  This will replace the current page with the new page being created.

    Generally, pages should be edited and updated as opposed to creating new pages with the same names.
  • Access Group
    The default setting for this option is "(Inherit from Parent)", which allows everyone who has access to edit pages in the folder to also edit the page being created.  Changing this option risks the user being unable to edit the page they are creating.

Click "Create" and the page will load in OU Campus for direct editing.


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