Checking In Content

The Check In and Check Out Feature within OU Campus will allow multiple people to make changes in one site without overwriting other users' changes. Any time a file is edited, it will automatically be checked out by the person editing that file. 

If you are editing the file, you will see a lit light bulb  next to the file name.  If someone else has the file checked out, you will see the red lock next to the file name.  If you hover over the lock, it will display who has the file checked out.

Check In Pages

After you publish a file, it will automatically check in the file.  When you have finished editing, please check the file back in.  You can check in a file by clicking the lit light bulb.

If the file you need to work on is checked out, the Site Manager will need to email with the site and file name needing to be checked in.  Please keep in mind the person who has the file checked out may not be finished or ready for his/her changes to go live.