As of May 2017, we have moved to a new photo library platform called Libris/PhotoShelter. We have also added more images to broaden our offerings for university use.

Browse the Augusta University PhotoShelter galleries
To download images, please enter the password: jaguars


  • For assistance downloading your images, please review the download process below.
  • You do not need a Libris/PhotoShelter account to access the Photo Library, but you will need to enter jaguars to download images if you do not have an account.
  • Always download the original size of the image you wish to use.
  • We recommend using Pixlr to resize and crop images if you do not have access to image editing software.
  • We recommend using photos provided in PhotoShelter on your site because downloading and using images from the web that we do not have rights to use could lead to legal issues for the University. 

Download Files

If you've been granted permission by the site administrator, you will have the ability to download files that you find in the Portal. If you cannot see the download links, contact your site administrator by replying to the email you received or using the Contact link, found in the top Portal navigation bar.

Viewing and downloading a file

To view a file, click on its thumbnail. From the single file view, you'll be able to see more information about the file, like filename, copyright, file size, caption, and keyword.

President Keel download example

The single image file view

To download an individual file, click the Download icon on the bottom right of the Gallery thumbnail view or the single image view.


Then, select the size of the file you'd like to download. Please note, your ability to download certain sizes might be limited for your login or the password you were given.

download option

Batch downloads

You can simultaneously download multiple files from the thumbnail view.

Click Download in the lower right corner.

download example


Select the files you'd like to download, or click Select All at the bottom left.

download example


Select your desired size and click Continue in the lower right corner. 

 download files 3

Click the link on the following page to initiate your download of a ZIP file of those files. Please note very large selections will be broken apart into several ZIP files. The download time will vary based on the number of files, the size of the files, and your Internet connection.