Training Quiz Process

Passing the Quiz

Within one (1) week of passing the quiz, the user will receive confirmation from Web Services and will not need to take the quiz until the next calendar year.

Failing the Quiz

Should the user fail the quiz, they will lose access to OU Campus.  They will need to re-take the Beginner Web Training Class before re-taking the quiz. They must pass the quiz to regain access to OU Campus.

Within one (1) week of the user failing the Beginner Web Quiz, the user will lose access to OU Campus. At this time, Web Services will email the user requesting that they retake the Beginner Web Class.

If the Quiz is Not Taken

If the quiz is not taken within one (1) week of the link being sent, Web Services will send a reminder email to the user about the quiz, along with a warning that if they have not taken the quiz within one (1) additional week, they will lose access to OU Campus.

If the user still has not taken the quiz by the end of the second week, their access to OU Campus will be removed.

If the user then requests access, they must either:

  • attend the Beginner Web Training Class and then pass the Beginner Web Quiz, or
  • contact Web Services to request access to take the Beginner Web Quiz

Only by passing the Beginner Web Quiz will users be allowed to access and edit in OU Campus.

If a user who has lost access to edit in OU Campus has not contacted Web Services for the purpose of regaining access within 60 days of losing access, then their user account will be deleted from OU Campus.