Quality Control/Workflow

  • Web Unit Leaders/Editors are responsible for determining their own internal workflow.
  • Always have a second person review the webpage content before you publish. Make sure the spelling in the body text is correct.
  • If blatant mistakes or errors appear on a page, the Web Team will correct the page and contact the Unit Leader/Editor responsible to advise them to take more care when making or reviewing content changes.
  • All pages within the site will be tracked in Site Improve, an application that shows up broken links, misspellings and page out of compliance. Unit Leaders/Editors are responsible for reviewing the Site Improve report weekly and making any necessary corrections to their pages.
  • The WMT will educate Associate Deans on web content and how it is maintained. Quarterly reports available to college deans should include: section-school-department, number of pages, users, and analytics
  • Remember "Design" is secondary, content should be current and accurate.