Web Governance

Team meets monthly to develop Web Governance Guidelines.

The draft of the Web Governance Guidelines is being developed and expands with each meeting.
We will keep the latest version posted on this site and welcome your questions and comments.

Davin Miller
Web Services Manager
Augusta University

Web Management Team Members:

  • Maura Flaschner, Director Academic Admissions
  • Doug Blackburn, Manager MCG Technology Services
  • Cathleen Caldwell, Associate VP of Marketing
  • Christen Engel, Associate VP of Communications
  • Jack Evans, Vice President Communications and Marketing
  • Donna Fields, Assistant to Chief Medical Officer, AU Health  
  • Becky Rogers, Digital Content Specialist, Provost Office 
  • Jeff Mastromonico, Director Educational & Collaborative Technology 
  • Davin Miller, Web Services Manager, DCM Web Team 
  • Heather Hopkins, Senior Web Developer, DCM Web Team 
  • Eric Odom, Web Developer, DCM Web Team 
  • Christopher Libby, Web Developer, DCM Web Team 
  • Rich Rogers, Web Developer, DCM Web Team 
  • Cynthia Beard, Web Content Specialist, DCM Web Team
  • Jasmine Wright, Web Developer, DCM Web Team