Governance Web Policies

  • The Augusta University website is the sole property of Augusta University; while certain faculty and staff will have access to edit certain portions of the site, create new content, and remove old content, the site and all its sub-sites remain the property of the university.
  • The Division of Communications and Marketing has access to all areas of the Augusta University website as well as management of the cloud base servers the site is on. The Marketing and Web Team are responsible for quality control of the site and the content. They can edit/alter content as needed for clarity, grammar, spelling, usage, and style, as well as to conform with university naming conventions and branding. The university reserves the right to revise or delete content housed either on university or external resources that does not meet acceptable use guidelines or standards as outline in those documents.
  • The website provides a platform to showcase the university’s best qualities and project a positive image to the world. With more than 340 web editors managing portions of the site, guidelines that encourage clarity, accuracy, and consistency are essential to protecting the university’s online image.