Written Content/Messaging/Branding

  • The university site embraces a writing style that engages our readers in a conversation. We want to speak directly to them, answer their questions, and give them information as concisely and clearly as possible.
  • Web visitors are task oriented: they skim and scan pages, getting just enough information to get to their destination. Subheadings and bulleted and numbered lists are tools to help achieve this goal.
  • Brand Guidelines are available on the web site.
  • Web Standards, Web Content Guidelinesand Social Media Standards and Web Content Tips are all available on the Web Team web site
  • The website pages will be reviewed yearly to ensure that the content is current and has been updated on a regular basis. Pages that do not meet the requirements will need to be edited or are subject to being deleted.
  • The Medical College of Georgia is the largest sub-site and may need a separate document of rules and guidelines. Each college will need to create a separate governance for their individual site.
  • TOP SITES SHOULD ATTRACT STUDENTS. What is a Top Site? To be determined.
  • College program descriptions should be reviewed before March 1 of each year and any changes or corrections reported on the programs template and sent to the Registrar’s Office.