Compliance is outlined in the Web Content Guide

  • Course Listings

    The only course description which can appear on the university Degrees & Programs webpage is the Registrar’s Office description. Web editors should link to the course as it appears on the course catalog page. Editors cannot post a link to a Word document or a PDF that includes the department’s own course description. The Web Team reserves the right to take down such links.

    Issue that needs review and description
         Syllabi – How does this apply to Syllabus listings on college sites?
  • Visual Content

    The photographic images used on the website should inspire prospective students and faculty to make a connection with the people and activities depicted and they should make alumni feel proud of their connection with Augusta University.

    When posting photos, use primarily documentary-style photography that captures the authentic and vibrant interactions among students and students and faculty.

    It is important to show a range of genders, ethnic backgrounds, races, ages, etc.

    The Web Team will work with Marketing, Creative Services and web editors to select photos for their sites.

    Part of the strategic plan when it comes to the website is to ensure that there is a uniform, professional look to all faculty and staff photos. Phil Jones, the university photographer, can be notified to schedule time to take professional photos.

    As a public university, it is critical to make our site accessible to all users. When adding photos, you need to include “Alt Text” so that those who are visually impaired and using text browsers will know what the photo or illustration looks like.
  • Videos

    Videos are an important component to telling the Augusta University story, and like other materials that tell our story (brochures, handbooks, web pages, etc.) they need to adhere to the university brand standards and be consistent in style, tone and message.

    Videos embedded on the web site are housed in a YouTube account assigned to the Web Team and should have a transcription. 

    If you would like a video embedded on a university web page please contact the Web Team at
  • Social Media & New Technologies

    Social Media sites and responsibilities are posted on the Web web pages with links to our directory of social media sites, analytic reports regarding the social media sites, guidelines and links to download university selected photography and icons.

    Augusta University Social Media Policy
    Augusta University Social Media Guidelines
    Augusta University Social Media Worksheet
  • Change Management

    All changes of major nature are to be reported to the Web Team. (folder name changes, department name changes, etc.)

    Appropriate change management and communications with the hosting provider will be followed.

    The Web Team will post all major planned events and notify all OU Campus web users.
  • Department Contact Information

    On department landing pages there should be a Contact Us module that includes the department name, campus address with building name and not building code, telephone number for department information, VP-director or department and web person responsible for this site.
  • These items to be added

    About web site page with compliance statement needs to be created.
    Department contact info needs to have the web editor info.