Embedding Video

Before choosing to embed a video on your page, be sure its content is accessible!

You can do this by presenting the same information contained in the video in an alternative way, such as:

  • Text on the page
  • A link to a .pdf document adjacent to the video
  • If embedding a YouTube video, use YouTube's captioning service
Caricature of Rich Rogers

Rich says, "Information in a video must also be presented in text format."



Open the page in OU Campus and go to edit mode. Put the cursor roughly where you want the video to appear and click the insert/edit media button. It should be in the third row of button and look like this: Embed Video You should see a pop up window that looks similar to this one.

Embed Pop Up

In a new window go to Youtube and find the video you want to add. Click the share tab and  copy the address that appears in the box.

Embeding Video

Go back to the OU Campus window and paste the URL you copied into the File/URL field. Once you do that you should see a preview of the video appear. You can adjust the size of the video by changing the numbers in the dimensions box. Just be sure to check the “Constrain Proportions” box first.

After you have sized the video, click on the “Advanced” tab and set the alignment to either left or right just like you do for photos. When you are done hit the Updated button and you will see a yellow box appear on you page. This is just a place holder. The actual video will appear when save and/or publish the page.