Types of Video Productions


Videos that give positive impressions of the institution (focusing on people). These can be produced for presentations, the web or television.

Event Highlights

In which selected portions of an event (not the full event) are recorded and then edited into a five-minutes-or-less final product as an overview.


Long-form, non-broadcast videos that market or publicize events, celebrations, programs, facilities, products etc.

TV Promos

Thirty second, broadcast, television commercials/PSAs that promote events and programs.


In which individuals within the Augusta University community are featured in interviews (talking about their roles in the institution).


(with or without b-roll) – typically features a member of senior management addressing the viewer directly (usually reading off of a prepared teleprompter script). These are usually recorded in a studio setting but can be done on location and are rarely more than a few minutes in length.


These videos are done in a range of styles but are all produced to introduce new employees, students, patients etc. to some aspect of the Augusta University community.


Videos that have an emotional element and encourage giving to Augusta University-related programs or thank donors for previous giving.


Features a Augusta University college and may go into detail on specific programs. Typically used on individual college web pages and for presentations (in recruiting or promoting).


In which individuals speak about a specific subject.

Skits with Actors

In which actors (often students or employees) create a scenario to illustrate a concept.