Video Co-Producer Primer

What is a Co-Producer?

  • The Co-Producer is usually the client, a representative of the client or an DCM marketing professional assigned to the project.
  • The Co-Producer is a project manager, a coordinator who keeps their eye on “the big picture”.
  • The Co-Producer is often the content expert. 
  • The Co-Producer works with the Augusta University Producer/Directors.


  • Tim Johnson and Jared Bell are the Augusta University Video Producer/Directors (Tim is the senior member).  They are the institution’s video professionals.
  • The Producer/Directors handle all technical and creative aspects of the project.  Sometimes there is an overlap in responsibilities when the Producer/Directors will handle some of the tasks of the Co-Producer. They are open to any and all suggestions from the Co-Producer.
  • If you don’t have any experience as a Co-Producer, Tim and Jared will help guide you through the process.  

Equation to a successful production

Communication between the Co-Producer and the Producer/Directors is key to a successful production.

Co-Producer Responsibilities


If the video is scripted then the Co-Producer facilitates the writing and approval of the script.  If the video is interview-based then the Co-Producer is the interviewer (or arranges for one) and provides a list of client-approved questions.


The Co-Producer arranges for on-camera talent/interviewees and coordinates the production and scheduling with the Producer/Directors (based on their availability). It’s important that the talent be familiar with the script or talking points. Even though everyone has good intentions, talent sometimes show up ill-prepared.  It’s also important to note that being a good interviewer takes skill.  A good interviewer can keep the talent on point and engaged.

Note on wardrobe

Talent should avoid wearing white or all black if possible.  Copyrighted logos (other than Augusta University logos) are a big no-no.  Solid colors are best.  Neutral colors are even better. Small striped patterns can sometimes cause problems in postproduction.


The Co-Producer scouts or arranges locations with the Producer/Directors. 


The Co-Producer coordinates the scheduling of shooting days and times (keeping the availability of the Producer/Directors in mind) and keeps a close eye on the project timeline through preproduction, production and postproduction.

Footage review/timely approvals

As the Producer/Directors edit the project, they will require the Co-Producer to view interviews online and to pick out sections to be used in the final edit.  It can be a bit time-consuming but will expedite the process greatly.  The Producer/Directors will put together a rough cut of the video and, upon approval, will complete the final, polished production.