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Augusta University's unique, compelling story deserves to be told in an ambitious, brave, current, fearless, fresh and inspiring way.

We have renewed our approach to how we tell the remarkable story of Jaguar Nation and its extraordinary people. The campaign began with a celebration in August 2021 and continues to grow, thrive, and evolve.


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Brand Elements: A great Brand is the sum of Many Parts

A big component of any brand's strength is derived from those who iterate it, who help tell its story and maintain consistency. To help maintain a cohesive brand Augusta University uses specific messaging, fonts, colors and logos to tell our story. As ambassadors for this great university, we must help tell its story with professionalism, accuracy and consistency.


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An Experience Like No Other content plan

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Use Official Hashtag: #LikeNoOther

Augusta social media posts, both organic and paid, should showcase people and their experiences – wearing school gear, walking around campus, attending community events, etc.

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