Keys to Great Social Media

Social media accounts should have identifiable audiences, share ideas, start conversations and act as valuable additions to our digital community. Social media is not just a channel to broadcast or publish information.

Social media is a great way for audiences to directly and instantly communicate with our institution. Apply your customer service skills. Make it easy for your audience to ask questions, give feedback, and generally have a good experience with our institution and your account. Be authentic, transparent, and honest.

If you are interested in contributing to the online presence of our university, you can do so by submitting content to be featured on our brand accounts (Augusta University, Augusta University Health, Children’s Hospital of Georgia. etc.) or you can request to have your Augusta University affiliated account added to our social media directory.

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New to social media? Need a few pointers for upkeep?

Getting Started

Consider your "why", as to what is your purpose for creating a new social media account. Is your goal to build a presence, produce consistent content, start conversations, engage with an audience and sustain a community? Are you trying to promote an initiative or event?

If you answered 'yes' to ALL of the questions above, a social media account may be the right choice for you!

If you answered 'yes' to only promoting a specific initiative or event: Submit a social media work request to have your content included in our social media or send your content to the DCM Marketing Strategist below.

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Guidelines and Policies

While our community grows on campus, across the nation and online, we want to make sure that our social media users are knowledgeable about their rights and their boundaries.

Any Augusta University affiliated social media accounts that wish to be included in our social media directory must be approved by the Division of Communications & Marketing. Please send a request to be added to, including the URL to the account, a brief description of the account purpose, and a key point of contact who will be responsible for managing the account. This person must be a full-time employee of Augusta University.

Any account representing a student organization must be registered with the Office of Student Life and Engagement.

Dormant & Inactive Social Media Accounts Bearing the Augusta University Name:

Social media channels at Augusta University must be consistently updated and monitored. The Digital Content Team in the Division of Communications & Marketing assesses all affiliated accounts. A social media audit occurs four times a year to monitor accounts and review activity. Accounts that have been inactive for an extended period of time may be subject to deactivation or deletion. Deactivation and deletion will be carried out by contacting and working with appropriate leadership. If you have created or acquired a social media account that bears the Augusta University name or marks, but that account is not used in regular and direct support of institutional priorities, you should take steps to have the account removed from the relevant social network.

Logos and Marks

The use of all logos or marks must adhere to Augusta University Brand Guidelines.