CURS Courses

CURS 2990, 3990, and 4990

These courses are zero credit bearing and are designed to give undergraduate students the opportunity to complete undergraduate research and/or creative activity in any discipline. The research and/or creativity activity can be outside of the student’s chosen major and can take place on either the Summerville or Health Sciences campus. The student and faculty member should agree upon a weekly and/or semester schedule. Roles and expectations of each member of the project should be outlined as well. Sample syllabi can be found  here


If you are interested in teaching one of these courses please email to enroll the student(s). A project description and/or syllabus should be included with your email. Once students complete this course, CURS encourages the students to present their work regionally, nationally, or here on campus (i.e. Student Research Seminar, Phi Kappa Phi Student Research and Fine Arts Conference).


You must find a faculty member who is interested in enrolling you in one of the CURS courses.  Faculty approval is required before enrolling in the course. CURS can assist you in finding a research mentor. *Please know that undergraduate research courses bearing credit might be available in your major or department. Please consult with your academic advisor and/or department.*