Summer Scholars Program 2016

We would like to thank the Office of the Provost, Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs, and Office of Research for making this program a possibility. Additionally, the Summer Scholars Program Selection Committee should be recognized for their efforts.

Faculty Name  Students  Department  Research Project Title 
Dr. Hannah Bennett Ashley Franqui, Michaela Soler, and Alexis Whitehead Kinesiology and Health Science The Effects of Physical Activity on the Psychological Well-Being of College Students who Identify as LGBTQ.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
Dr. Candace Best Samantha Denson, Erika Holleran, and Katie Rogers Psychological Sciences A Statewide Investigation of HPV Vaccine Uptake in Georgia
Dr. Jennifer Bradford Natasha Venugopal Biological Sciences  The role of Canonical NF-kB in Signaling Between Macrophages and Glioblastoma Cells
 Dr. Graeme J. Connolly Jordan Bickett, Roderick Bolden Jr., and Collin Oliver Kinesiology and Health Sciences Effective Sports Coaching Cultures in High School Team Sport Settings
Dr. John Hayes Mary Claire Birdsong, Chaz Clark, and Andrew Rutherford History History Beneath Our Feet: Pedestrians, Podcasts, and Public History
Dr. A. Maleah Holland Jonathan Quon, HIllary Gaines, and Naomie Jules Kinesiology and Health Sciences The Effects of Physiological Stress Levels on Cognitive Performance
Dr. Ellen K. LeMosy Di (Maggie) Xia and Aarushi (Aashi) Kalra Cellular Biology and Anatomy Connecting the Extracellular Matrix to Ciliogenesis
Dr. A. Cole Meyers Michelle Altvater, Nikole Koellner, and Dylan Rose Kinesiology and Health Science Unilateral and Bilateral Training Effects on Bilateral Back Squat Strength
Dr. Laurence Miller Dejah Johnson, Cristina McCrary, and Adrienne Orr Psychological Sciences Age-Related Functional Consequences of Pain
Dr. Melaine O'Meara Payton Granade Communication Performing Intercultural Praxis: A tour of Local Culture Through 'Art the Box'
Dr. Siva S. Panda Sean J. Thomas, Jason Capito, and Keerthana Bathala Chemistry Curcumin Conjugates as Potential Pharmacophores
Dr. Gregory Passmore Damian Bradley and Steven Garner Medical Laboratory, Imaging, and Radiologic Sciences Comparing the Measurement of Low Energy Photon Interference and Downscatter in Lead (Pb) and Tungsten (W) Attenuators
Dr. Tadd Patton Warren Berg and Alyssa Splitt Psychological Sciences Will Lever-Press for Alcohol: A Potential Metric for Anxiety-Induced Drinking
Dr. Maria Eugenia Sabbatini Allison Pruitt, Cecilia Thomas, and Tony Micklon Biological Sciences Molecular Mechanisms of Action of di-n=octylphthalate on Differentiation and Tumorigenesis of Murine Hepatocytes
Dr. Angie C. Spencer Asmat Jahan, John Mahoney, and Zahid Shaikh Chemistry Cloning, Expression, and Purification of Histone Methyltransferases for Inhibition Studies
Dr. Wendy Turner Steven Johnston and Meggie Kotson History Examining Mental Disability in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century England