The AU Course Shell

Augusta University Course Shell

What is the AU Course Shell?

The AU Course Shell is a structure you can import into an empty course in the Learning Management System (LMS), which is called D2L/Brightspace.

  • Consists of editable web pages that help you get your course up and running quickly
  • Contains prompts and tips that guide you through the development process
  • Although originally designed for online courses, it can be easily adapted for use with hybrid or face-to-face courses


  • Rapid course development
  • Flexible design and structure (add, delete, modify files)
  • Compliant with federal Web accessibility guidelines
  • Consistent fonts, colors, and navigational structure with AU branding
  • Based on research and best practice recommendations
  • Addresses many of the Quality Matters Rubric standards: (

Download the AU Course Shell

  1. Download the appropriate course shell
    • AU Course Shell (This shell is suitable for all disciplines.)
    • AU M Ed Course Shell (This shell was modified specifically for faculty teaching in the Master of Education Program
  2. Mouse over the .zip file in the Box folder. Ellipses … will appear to the right of the file name. Select the ellipses … and click Download. A file .zip will download to your computer – typically to the Downloads folder. Do not unzip this file. You will upload and install the .zip file into your course.

Install the Course Shell

Warning: the course shell may only be installed in an empty D2L course. If you need assistance converting a course with pre-existing content into the Course Shell, please contact your College’s Instructional Systems Analyst

  1. Open D2L/Brightspace and navigate to the course into which you would like to install the AU Course Shell. The course should not have any content or files.
  2. Select Course Administration.
  3. Select: Import / Export / Copy Components from Site Resources.
  4. Under “What would you like to do?” Select Import Components.
  5. Choose [Upload] and select the .zip file you downloaded to your computer, or drag and drop the .zip file on top of the Upload window.
  6. Select: [Import All Components]. The process may take a minute or two.
  7. Once the process is complete, select [View Content].

Instructions for editing pages

Instructions for adding pages