Roles & Responsibilities

Executive Sponsor
  • Accountable for the substance of policy documents, namely the provisions and compliance with policies under his/her jurisdiction
  • Presentation to the Operational Leadership Team.
  • Ensures that there is a system for reviewing and updating all policies with purview
  • Approves the policy management plan
Policy Owner
  • Primarily responsible for the content within the policy
  • Provides the content within the document
  • Manages the document through out the review and approval process
  • Conducts periodic reviews of the document and creates new versions when necessary
  • Executes the policy management plan.
  • A document owner can assign any user with the reviewer role to review documents.
  • A reviewer can accept an assigned document as is, revise it, or decline it.
  • Those assigned the reviewer role are typically subject matter experts and managers.
Proxy Authors
  • Can create documents for assigned document owners only.
  • Can access and edit all draft documents for assigned document owners regardless of whether the documents were created by the proxy author or the document owner.
  • Cannot submit a document for review or approval but can request that the document owner do so.
  • Can view assigned document owners’ documents through the review and approval process.