Approval Process

The Policy Approval Process consists of the following steps:

I. Creating a draft policy

  • Document owners and proxy authors create draft policies within the policy management system. Any individual that has been delegated the responsibility of creating policies will require training and privileges in the policy management system.
  • Writers may provide content to new policies if delegated by the document owner. Writers also require privileges in the policy management system.
  • To obtain these privileges the executive sponsor should make the request to the Office of Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management at

II. Executive Sponsorship

  • The draft document is presented to an executive sponsor for his/her endorsement. . The document owner should specify his/her executive sponsor as a reviewer within the workflow of a proposed policy.

III. Review

  • The policy is then presented to stakeholders determined by the document owner and executive sponsor for review. Upon review and acceptance of these stakeholders, the document is then presented to “required reviewers”. Required reviewers are determined by the template on which a document is created. (i.e. Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management, Policy Management Committee, and etc.)
  • Each entity has approved templates for policies.

IV. Approval

  • After policies are approved by all stakeholders and required reviewers, policies are submitted for approval to the approvers determined by the template on which the policy is created.

V. Publishing

  • After the policy has been endorsed by the required approvers, the document will publish to the policy library.