moveit logo How to Email an Encrypted Document, Video or Other Imaging

Have you ever needed to share a data file with a colleague and sent it as an email attachment only to discover that the file was too large to send via email? Did you know we have a new file transfer service that allows you to share files up to 10 gigabytes in size using a standard web browser?

With MOVEit®, our new secure file transfer service, you can quickly and easily share large data files with your colleagues – even those who are external to the Augusta University enterprise. Transmissions are fully encrypted, ensuring privacy, confidentiality and HIPAA-compliance.

Here’s how it works. You enter the email addresses of the intended recipients. They then receive a New Package Notification message via email that includes an embedded link to the transferred files. They follow the link and are able to securely download the file or files using only their web browsers.

Downloads are password protected to provide an added layer of security. Additionally, this solution improves overall file transfer governance and streamlines visibility, logging, and reporting of all file transfers for compliance and auditing purposes.  Several language versions are available.

Try MOVEit® at the next time you need to securely share a file, document, or video. Use your Outlook ID and your current password to sign on. The steps are relatively easy. Contact the Help Desk at 1-4000 or 1-7500 for additional information or assistance. 

Retention Policy - Packages and files expire after 5 days.

MOVEit® is a secure file transfer solution and does retain ANY data long-term.  This includes packages, files, messages and addresses.